Monday, February 28, 2011


The Odd Job Centre (OJC) was the project that really kicked off the UPE in 1978. A 30 minute video made about it was publicised in the SMH - and an expanded version is now on DVD. The OJC recently supplied a 15 minute singer/songwriter/poetry act for an opening of the South West Artists Network exhibition at TAP Gallery Darlinghurst.

A video was made of the act - which won fans - plus some other performers. A DVD of the whole show is being worked on. Other performers with original acts are sought - which can be put on a sampler DVD for approaches to suitable venues. One new venue in the western suburbs is being looked at.

People wishing to learn how to shoot videos and edit DVD's are also sought. Also people to help form a band and act in short original plays are needed. Contact -the OJC a registered non-profit project which survives on donations and support from the UPE.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Given the pathetic lack of support for mineral wealthy Australia for the arts and artists - we propose that foreign aid be sought from other countries to help artists survive and artistic events and venues be supported.

Perhaps some asian and even african natiins could sponsor some artists so they can keep being creative. Maybe some countries will allow them to migrate there and be supported while they work creatively.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


By googling you are taken to archives of the geocities hosted websites before they started charging producers of those websites. Just scroll down to "unemployedembassy" to be taken to the whole website - starting with the index page from which the various webpages can be accessed.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


As a protest against the digital TV oligopoly in Australia - where the many new channels have almost no new local content - we plan to screen our are other programs via dvd and broadband. We have already sold videos to Council libraries and had programs screened on Community TV test broadcasts.

We are seeking public venues to do show our and others programs - though some programs we have made may be "acceptable" to the conservative tastes of community TVS (channel 44) which has failed to respond to our emails in 2010. Broadband transmission looks like a hopeful future direction.

Sens a SAE to our UPE address (see Yellow Pages listing) for a fuller catalogue of our DVD's of programs so far. We are looking for a reasonable aized flatscreen to use for screenings in inner Sydney venues. Of course we also need some transport help to get it to and from those vrenues.

Otherwise email us through our Odd Job Centre website - which has a page called "Your TV". Some DVD titles now available for public screenings and sale to Councils and schools for their libraries include:


THE PLANES THAT ATE SYDENHAM is our first 30 minute offering - in our Save Our Sydney (SOS) series. SOS originally had a half hour pilot, shown on the first Sydney community television pilots broadcasts. Made in 1995, this movie comes with an A3 size illustrated background leaflet.

WAYSIDE REUNION running about 30 minutes, was shown on Lismore community TV test broadcasts. It covers a  a reunion of people from the late 1960's and early 1970's who were involved with the Kings X icon - then still run by Ted Noffs.  A Question Time format is run in the old Wayside Theatre space - laid out like a cafe. Russell Morris donated his Real Thing song for a Timestream Productions film of the Wayside  Passion Play along Macquarie St - that was screened.

ODD JOB CENTRE (OJC) running over 30 minutes, outlines the founding of the Unemployed Peoples Embassy at 41 Phillip St in the late 1970's, after the OJC was first developed there in 1978. The UPE campaigned to raise tthe income limit on the dole as well as to save the row of historic terraces and the adjacent site of the 1788 Govt House Site under threat of a Sydney City Council road widening. The UPE developed a Learning Co-op - including a music and media workshop. Performances at demos and at the Embassy are shown. Dole News also became a regular publication with some infouence

WORK TEST running about 30 minutes, outlines the UPE struggle against unfair treatment of jobless by the Fraser Govt's Commonwealth Employmrernt Service (CES) leading to a book of the same name. Video reenactments of typical sessions with the Embassy President with a key CES officer is shown. The exposure of compulsory fake job interviews in Dole News and in "Workn Test" the book led to a Fraser Minister ordering the Embassy President to be framed by CES operatives. This probably led to Lib/Lab governments privatising "employment services".

EMBRiO Alternative Festival of Arts - doco and videos of annual events szince 1990.  DVD's still being developed. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011


With a supposed unemployment of 5% now considered notionally a full employment rate - the "Labor" government had felt it acceptable to raise the future age pension age to 67. That was purely driven by the fact that the large taxpaying Baby Boomer population is now hoping to retire. Their taxes helped keep many of their their parents alive with new subsidised medicines - and they themselves except to live longer than their grandparents. Though superannuation is failing to fill the life expectancy gap - they will have to wait longer than age 65 if they were born after 1950.By 2013 there was even talk of raising the aged pension to 70 (as it will be 67 before long)

The International Monetory Fund, that is still advocating currently slashing jobs and wages in Europe - is now aiming to link aged pension entitlement to increases in "life expectancy". Of course, few jobs exist for the over 50's, let alone the over 70's. The corporate media like to run the odd story about some someone still working when they are 80 - but that would only be someone who owns their own business. With housing shortages and high rents in main capital cities, epidemics of granny dumping are sure to follow.

Meanwhile, students are being expected to work part time to supplement their meagre Austudy - as well as study full time and do unpaid work "placements".  This is lowering the education standards in Australia and discouraging foreign students to spend expensive $A to come here. America apparently is becoming a better prospect for those international students wishing to learn English language as well as get a degree. Cost of housing for students near the big city based universities is also a big problem.

Students though at least have the option to move to regional universities. The jobless are cut off the dole if they move out of unaffordable cities like Sydney. That supposed "hippie" dole law was brought in by by the the Hawke/Keating Govt - and extended by the Howard Govt. While Labor and Liberal governments now talk about the Baby Boomers moving to the country (tree & sea changers) in their retirement, the jobless won't be able to easily move there to work in service industries the boomers will need there.

As usual, the major political parties are just not thinking beyond the two or three years of the electoral cycle - to prepare for what's coming up over the horizon.