Monday, October 24, 2016


Doubling Sydney’s population is now opposed by NO main political party – though there is some political resistance to some of the disastrous new transport options fueling it in main cities like Sydney (ie by the Greens).  Mainly such opposition is to old “solutions” Westconnex superhighway whose interchange currently impacting on the oldest part of Sydney Park – which is about to widen one exit road, heading madly through narrow roads to the eastern suburbs.  The Greens, apparently, still fail to acknowledge that Westconnex is all about building up road links to the old Mascot (Sydney) Airport.
(Since initially writing this article as a draft in late August, the Baaad NSW Govt had finally admitted on TV that Westconnex is indeed about building up the old Mascot Airport – while planning no rail link to the supposed new 24/7 International airport near Liverpool – at Badgery’s Creek). The federal Turncoat conservative Govt pretends to back the building a new International airport out west (near Liverpool) at Badgery’s Creek – with no overnight curfew on any flights there.
The unlikelihood of this Cargo Cult of a project to ever go ahead, is indeed seen in the refusal of the Abbort/Turncoat federal Govt to include ANY rail-link to Badgerys Creek Airport – with the private owners of Mascot Airport still able to exercise its right to “built” it, or not. Those private owners are the same (Turncoat’s old Macquarie Bank) that opposed building a Very Fast Train from Sydney to Canberra, as part of their deal to buy Mascot airport. By then, the Labor  federal Govt had built a Third Runway – later causing a large part of Sydenham housing to be demolished.
Meanwhile NO main political party (again including the Greens) is publically calling for that Very Fast Train section to be urgently built from Sydney To Canberra (let alone north towards Gosford as well). As mentioned, Macquarie Bank had ensured the Govt would not build it once they bought Mascot Airport. To sweeten the deal, the ALP federal Govt had built that Third Runway – sending many more large planes north of the airport. The UPE was involved in the “community advisory committee”, set up by the Govt – tasked supposedly to gather views of locals about dealing with the resulting noise.
As part of Save Our Sydney campaign, we made a half hour documentary about the resulting double cross, involving demolition of whole blocks of housing under the new runway. It is called “The Planes That Ate Sydenham” – though this excellent movie has yet to get any public screening during the twenty years since it was built. An expert points out that the Third Runway was built by the Govt specifically to delay the building of a new international airport at Badgerys Creek – a “solution”which had long been ALP policy.
This gross betrayal helped launch the Greens as a force in Sydney inner city seats, where its former “safe seat” MP’s are now falling over each other to implement inner-city-centric policies, like “gay marriage”. Meanwhile urgent policies like starting the serious decentralisation of increasingly overpopulated Sydney with the long planned Very Fast Train are being sidelined.– are being ignored by the major political parties. Building the cancelled section to Canberra from Sydney (Parramatta will do) through Campbelltown and Goulbourn to Canberra – with an International Airport, say at Goulbourn - would allow people to live outside Sydney, without losing speedy physical access to it. The only alternative it would be to urgently drastically cut Australia’s world beating high migration rate. Without such high migration, Sydney’s population would be decreasing – as so many residents keep leaving it for cheaper and better regional areas.
A Goulbourn international airport would allow 24/7 in bound longhaul flights for overseas tourists – who could either shoot in to Sydney in 30 minutes by VFT, or stay overnight/day at a local hotel, which would be far cheaper than in Sydney. Meanwhile, locals who are leaving Sin City (Sydney) in droves for cheaper housing (with backyards) in the regions – will still be able to commute by VTR, to Sydney jobs. Sydney is only growing uncontrollably because most of Australia’s crazy high migration rate – is drawn there by the ethnic ghettos created by earlier migrants in this “world” city. These migrant cities are losing any coherent cultural identity – creating distinct non-English language groups around various “CBD”s across an increasingly population dense Sydney.