Thursday, May 10, 2012



$150.000 income per year for a family is "not rich", according to Tony in his Budget 2012 reply speech. He also affirmed his policy to increase taxes of "big business" to give high income parents six months parenting leave on full pay. He seems to be promoting middle class resentment about Gillard's school kids bonus being means tested. Afterall, the New Poor with their big mortgages, private school fees and overseas holidays - pay their taxes, or as little of them as possible (except, of course for the billionaire miners who pay none at all). It was an academic speaker at Sydney's Politics In The Pub, some years ago - who summed up the  middle class welfare cult of entitlement, when he said something like:

We don't mind the government giving handouts to the poor, as long as we get it too - since we're paying the taxes

At least the rich can afford to "blow on the pockies", the obscene hundreds of dollars involved in the bi annual bonuses. No doubt he will cancel any further annual bonus of $210 to jobless and students. Even Gillard won't increase the dole to pension levels, or even increase the income limit to Austudy or pension heights (as encouraging casual and part time work among the jobless only discourages then from accepting full time work - you see). Gillard now claims that the jobless can now be reduced to 0%, now its officially under the magic 5% level - ignoring the fact that the jobs increase is mostly part time plus people giving up looking for work.

Tony now is taking full credit for the corrupt "Job Network", the so-called employment services system he says he founded - as minister in the Howard government (though it was the Keating Govt that started it off - as it privatised everything except Telecom). Rebadged as "Employment Services Australia", Gillard won't pursue with criminal charges, the big religious charities (Catholic church, Salvos etc) dominating the privatised system - who have been caught ripping off taxpayers money with fake job subsidies. Tony of course, will only go after corrupt union officials. Meanwhile Centrelink's Brisbane based hit squad is going after jobless struggling to pay impossibly high city rents, by doing arduous casual work (that only reduces their dole) and middle aged males with disabilities, trying to survive full time TAFE courses, run by its young students (who gang up on oldies - who they don't want in "their" classes).

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